The WFFA teams up with World Football Summit to tackle themes of fan engagement, governance and future technology in Sports

The World Freestyle Football Association has announced today a new partnership with World Football Summit, the most dynamic and reputable Football Business conference in the world, to bring their experience of innovation, impact and entertainment to wider audiences.

The football industry is evolving rapidly and new generations are expecting different experiences both in the physical and digital worlds. Freestyle Football provides an accessible and highly engaging experience, currently receiving over 5 billion video views per year from a primarily GenZ audience

Whether it’s a halftime performance in a stadium, playing games such as EA FC’s Volta, watching amazing tricks through social media platforms or actually picking up a ball and having a go in your own backyard, there is something for everyone with Freestyle and Street Football.

The WFFA are currently in the process of launching the first decentralised governance model in sport to give Freestyle Football athletes an active and transparent voice on all matters, with professional football clubs and players collaborating with the community in a bid to engage and grow their audiences. All of these stories and more are what will be unveiled in greater detail together with World Football Summit.

“Having attended WFS as a delegate for a number of years now, it is very exciting for us to now have the platform within the prestigious network they have created worldwide”, said Dan Wood, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at the WFFA. “We want to promote the values and opportunity that Freestyle Football brings to the industry, but also tell the stories of incredible athletes and their power to inspire and engage audiences.”

“We have always been big fans of bringing new perspectives to the football industry and our partnership with the WFFA is a great way to do so”, said Jan Alessie, Cofounder and Director of World Football Summit. “This partnership will generate discussion around innovation, offer great entertainment for all attendees, and help the industry learn new ways to engage GenZ fans worldwide”.

The partnership will kick off at the upcoming summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on December 12-13, where WFFA representatives will be discussing the potential use case of blockchain technology in Sport. The Association will also facilitate the connection with local freestylers from the local community which will surely offer a unique show to the attending delegates. 

About World Football Summit

World Football Summit is the premier platform connecting the football industry worldwide. Through conferences, events, and digital platforms, WFS provides opportunities for stakeholders to network, discuss trends, and collaborate to shape the future of football.

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