Rules and Regulations

This page offers a comprehensive list of WFFA Rules and Regulations, including not just the norms of the sport of Freestyle Football for all official competitions but also every current ordinance issued by the Association.

Pulse Series Rules 20242024.05.30RulesRules for 1x1 Battles at the 2024 Pulse Series
World Rankings inclusion process2024.03.22RegulationOfficial Process to grant World Ranking points to an Event
Tools for Event and Meet Organisers2024.03.22RegulationOfficial Toolbox to support Event and Meet organisers
Freestyle Football World Rankings2024.03.20DatabaseOfficial World Rankings of Freestyle Football of the WFFA
Regional Division2022.01.01RegulationOfficial split of countries per region for competitive purposes as of January 2022
Official List of Champions2021.12.23DatabaseFull list of past champions of Freestyle Football competitions
Governing Statutes2021.09.01RulesThe official Governing Statutes of the WFFA as of September 2021
Official Rules of Freestyle Football2021.06.06RulesThe official Rules of the sport as of June 2021

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