World Championship

Only the greatest of the greatest, only the best of the very best: this is what the World Freestyle Football Championship, the flagship event of the World Freestyle Football Association, aims to find every year!

Organised in various formats since 2008, the official World Freestyle Football Championship is the prime tournament in the sport, open to male and female freestylers from every single country on the planet. Held in a different city every year, the Finals of the World Championship are doubtlessly the most thrilling and competitive events of the circuit – a magic stage in which the most talented athletes show off their skills against their peers from other countries, continents, and cultures.

Starting in 2023, the global competitive circuit of Freestyle Football is split between two stages:

  • The Pulse Series, consisting of five live qualifiers held in different continents (plus an online one) through which freestylers can earn their spot in the Finals
  • The World Freestyle Football Championship, featuring an event in which the 16 best male and 16 best female freestylers from all continents compete for the crown of World Champions

Past editions of the World Championship include legendary events such as Pula 2022, Miami 2019, Tokyo 2013 and Lecce 2012, among many others.

To review the results of former editions of the official World Freestyle Football Championship (formerly also known as Red Bull Street Style), check out the Official Champions page!

In 2023, the World Freestyle Football Championship took place in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, between November 21st and 26th. Find all details about the prime competition in the Freestyle Football calendar on the corresponding Event Page!

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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