Freestyle Football Workshop request

Would you like to organise a Freestyle Football Workshop at your school, sports academy, youth centre or educational institution?

From the WFFA we can help you set it up with our guides and tools, and also assign specifically trained coaches and freestylers to deliver it!

We offer two different levels depending on the requirements and budget of your project:

  • Step 1: our Free Starter Pack
    1. An introductory video of the sport presenting its values, the opportunities it offers, and inspirational stories of top freestylers from the global community
    2. A detailed guide on how to create the right environment to train and practice Freestyle Football
    3. Full access to the Amazing People Schools content for character-building
    4. Access to 4 tutorial videos of basic tricks for students to learn from
    5. A detailed guide on how to monitor the results and progress onto the next stage
  • Step 2: our Live Capacity Building Training
    1. A 3-hour training workshop for a minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 teachers, youth workers, coaches or young leaders, with a full toolkit to make the most out of the session and track the progress afterwards
    2. Two 1-hour skills workshops for local children delivered by a World-Class professional freestyler

Our programs have been carefully crafted to be flexible and adaptable to kids of all ages, backgrounds and levels: fill in the following form with all relevant information about your project and we’ll get in touch with you with a proposal tailored to your needs!

For more information, or in case you have questions and/or requests, please get in touch with the corresponding team at

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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