Together with British audio strategist VoiceWorks, the WFFA has launched a unique podcast, hosted by Freestyle Football legend Daniël Rooseboom and featuring the greatest talents and the most interesting characters in the sport: the #AllYouNeedIsABall series!

Check out all the episodes of the series in the table below!

1🇨🇿 Lucaso ŠkodaFreestyle Football "Big Boss" reveals venue for Super Ball 2023
2🇺🇸 Nick Seyda"I almost died": rising freestyle star reveals incredible personal story
3🇯🇵 Leon PokrovskyWhy 'being cool' is the key to understanding Japanese freestyle culture
4🇦🇺 Jay HennickeOn growing up in Australia, freestyle culture down under and desire to become the best
5🇬🇧 Becka Hugill"I'm obsessed with Freestyle!": 16-year-old record holder on how the sport has changed her life
6🇬🇧 Jack DownerPanna and street football star on how he nutmegged death
7🇬🇧 Dan Wood"Freestyle can disrupt the whole sporting landscape": WFFA co-founder on how the sport can change the world
8🇳🇴 Brynjar FagerliThe end of an era: a freestyle legend bows out at Red Bull Street Style 2022
9🇨🇦 Steve EliasWFFA president on pioneering Freestyle Football and being mistaken for Zinedine Zidane
10🇵🇭 Philip 'PWG' Warren Gertsson"I ask myself - is it all worth it?": freestyle legend on the sacrifices required to stay atop a competitive sport for over a decade
11🇮🇹 Lorenzo PinciroliOn how a basketball player became the undisputed voice of Freestyle Football
12🇬🇧 Steve GrayOn how social media impacts Freestyle Football... and everything else in life
13🇳🇱 Daniël RooseboomThe host of the podcast series on 15 years of Freestyle Football that started with... a teddy bear

For more details on the series or for partnership opportunities, please send an email to media@thewffa.org.

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