About the Association

The World Freestyle Football Association is the world governing body for the sport of Freestyle Football: its main mission is to grow awareness of, and participation in, Freestyle Football worldwide. The WFFA is the official organiser of a wide range of Freestyle Football championships around the world, including, but not limited to, first-class tournaments such as the World Freestyle Football Championship, the Pulse Series, the Super Ball World Open and the World Youth Freestyle Football Championship.

The WFFA has been established upon a backbone of community development and education: this means the Association recognises the power this exciting sport has to inspire healthy active lifestyles for young people all over the world. Aside from growing the sport as a full-time profession for the athletes, the WFFA is committed to teaching key life skills through Freestyle Football.

The WFFA acts as a hub for the Freestyle Football community around the world. The Association features a Global Network that is structured in the following way:

  • Each of the 116 member countries has a Country Leader (or CL), a respected figure that helps to liaise between local communities and the WFFA
  • These countries are grouped in regional clusters, each led by a Key Regional Leader (or KL) that gathers all relevant information and updates from each of the nations in their area and reports back to the Global Team
  • The Global Team offers customised assistance to all members of the Network (including guidelines, assets, organisational support, regulations, etc.) and liaises directly with the Board in all key decisions concerning the discipline
  • The Board decides on strategic matters of the Association, helps define the Rules and the future of the sport of Freestyle Football, and leads in the organisation of the global series

The WFFA is also in charge of publishing the Global Rankings, a merit-based, worldwide-scale tool designed to attribute the corresponding credit to all athletes in the scene.

Whilst there are around 15,000 Freestyle Football athletes in the world right now, the total number of people who participate and enjoy Freestyle Football can be paralleled to mainstream football: everyone who plays association football will juggle with the ball at some stage… and this very simple moment of fun forms in fact the very foundation of freestyle. Therefore, one could suggest that participation is estimated at over 400 million, with a direct audience of 1.47 billion football fans around the globe who enjoy the entertainment of Freestyle Football.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Freestyle Football and association football (soccer) are the same sport: in fact, they are completely different disciplines, as the former is about pushing the body to extreme limits, allowing creativity to flow and owning the ball in your own unique way.

Training Freestyle Football can dramatically build fundamental skills that are useful in all aspects of life and across other sports. These include body awareness, balance, rhythm, control, touch, coordination and more intrinsic benefits such as self-confidence, respect, patience and taking responsibility. Freestyle Football has something for everyone: it is a sport that allows males and females equal rights and that absolutely anyone can enjoy from whatever environment they find themselves in.

The World Freestyle Football Association is a non-profit organisation registered in Canada under company number 1041184-1.

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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