Welcome to Freestyle Football!

Dear athletes and fans,

I am honoured to welcome you to the WFFA website, the digital hub that we have created with the objective of offering a well-deserved meeting point for the whole Freestyle Football community.

Since the foundation of the World Freestyle Football Association in 2017 (and its previous iterations years earlier), our goal has always been to nurture and develop the amazing community of tens of thousands that this beautiful sport has created around itself. From individual athletes to regional delegates, from kids who just juggle a football for the first time to World Champions and legends of the discipline, there is a common essence that unites everybody: an unbreakable love for freedom, the core value of Freestyle Football. Together with equality, freedom is the idea that has driven us all these years, and we are absolutely committed to keep working hard for it in the future.

The sport has reached a long list of successes and milestones in the past; however, we cannot hide the fact that Freestyle Football as a discipline is still in its early stages. On the one hand, this means that a lot of work still needs to be done: as an Association, we must keep striving to grant better conditions to our athletes, to put up bigger and better events, to offer a more comprehensive support to partners and organisers. On the other hand, though, the youthfulness of Freestyle Football is a blessing for all of its lovers: we have a whole sport to build, a whole future to create – an ecosystem where everybody can feel proud.

So, for whatever reason you find yourself here, we welcome you to the Freestyle Family and invite you to join us on this amazing journey.

All you need is a ball!

Yours in Freestyle,


Steve Elias
President of the WFFA

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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