The best Freestyle Football in South America comes back to Argentina with Pulse Córdoba 2024

The World Freestyle Football Association has announced today the dates and format of WFFA Pulse Córdoba 2024, the official South American Freestyle Football Championship and the continental qualifier for the World Finals of the sport. 

This extraordinary event, organised in partnership with the Argentinian federation, the Asociación Cordobesa de Futbol Freestyle (ACFF), will take place in the vibrant city of Córdoba, in the province of the same name, between September 25th and 29th, 2024.

Unlike last year, Pulse Córdoba 2024 will be open to South American freestylers only, following the Regional Division of the WFFA in place since early 2022. This change is due to Pulse CDMX 2024 happening in Mexico, a country freestylers from all the North American region can access more easily than the USA in 2023.

Besides the 1×1 Battles competition acting as the qualifier for the World Finals, the Pulse Córdoba 2024 week will also include the Pan American Freestyle Football Open, a tournament for all freestylers from the continent which will feature the following categories:

  • Challenge
  • Sick Three
  • Show Flow
  • Iron Man & Woman
  • Routine
  • Panna 1×1

The venues of the different competitions, together with the lineup of judges and plenty of other details about this thrilling event, will be announced on the official channels of the WFFA and the ACFF in the coming weeks.

Steve Elias, president of the WFFA, said: “For us, it’s just marvellous to travel to Córdoba again after last year’s massive success. We are immensely thankful to the ACFF for their extraordinary job, as well as to the city council and its sports agency for their invaluable support. We have no doubt that the 2024 edition will be even more amazing than the first one!”.

Iris Santiago, secretary of the ACFF, declared: “Last year, we achieved one of our great challenges – providing a Continental Tournament where all the involved parties felt like true stars of the Freestyle Football World. Our city supports sports and gives us the opportunity to keep pushing to become a global reference point for Freestyle Football for all those who want to be part of this wonderful discipline. We will be happy to welcome all of South America to Pulse Córdoba 2024 and hope that the Pan-American Open Freestyle Football Tournament will also be a great challenge for all those who want to experience a week filled with all the extraordinary vibes that this great continent possesses.”

Héctor ‘Pichi’ Campana, Secretary of Sports of the Municipality of Córdoba, added: “It was a true honour to preside over the presentation of Pulse Córdoba 2023 last year. The good atmosphere and positive energy that was experienced there truly filled my soul. Freestyle Football is truly an art! We will accompany them again this year so that the competitors can enjoy another fantastic event and take away great memories of our city.”

Registrations are already open on the corresponding Event Page on the website of the WFFA. For more information, follow the official channels of the Association.

About the ACFF

Asociación Cordobesa de Fútbol Freestyle (ACFF) is the first civil Association of this sport in Argentina. Since its establishment in 2018, the ACFF member athletes have been part of the Federation of Land Sports, which brings together several extreme and alternative sports, all working together with the support of government entities to promote and support the growth of Freestyle Football.

For more information about the ACFF, please contact or visit its channels:

Stay tuned to the official channels of the WFFA to follow the latest updates!

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