Super Ball is back in 2021 with a special anniversary edition

The Freestyle Football community will gather once again this August in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to celebrate the sport and crown the most skillful athletes in all of its disciplines. After a difficult year due to Covid-19, hundreds of freestylers from over 20 nations will meet at the Clarion Congress hotel in Prague to participate in the greatest freestyle open tournament of the season: the Super Ball.

This year’s edition of the competition, which will start on August 17th and end up with the Grand Finals of its 7 categories on August 21st, will be a very special one: Super Ball 2021 will not just allow the community to meet again after the pandemic, but also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tournament – a great feat in the history of Freestyle Football.

The 2021 Super Ball, just as its predecessors, will be an open event: athletes from all nationalities and categories will be able to participate. Registrations will open on June 1st 2021, and in order to sign up, freestylers and fans from around the globe will find all key information, including registration and live stream, at

This year’s edition of the tournament will include 7 disciplines: 

  • Freestyle Battles: the main competition of the event, a clash of individual quality and mental strength in which two athletes compete by showing their best skills to the team of 5 judges
  • Freestyle routine: a showcase of individual mastery in which an athlete demonstrates his or her quality in sync with music
  • Double routine: a spectacle of synchrony in which two athletes show their most amazing combined moves
  • Sick Three: a competition to find the very best combination of 3 consecutive tricks
  • Challenge: a distinctive category in which athletes perform predetermined tricks at their highest speed; specially designed for lovers of fast combinations
  • Show Flow: a competition for complete freestylers to demonstrate their absolute control over all aspects of the sport
  • Iron Man: a marathon in basic lower body combinations – only for the toughest athletes!

“It’s always an enormous honour to organise the Super Ball, but we are especially proud to present this year’s event”, said Lukas Skoda, the Chief Tournament Director. “It’s been a difficult year for the whole world, and hence it’s even more special to be able to commemorate Super Ball’s 10th anniversary with all the Freestyle Football community in Prague”.

“At the WFFA we are absolutely thrilled to support the Super Ball yet another year”, said Steve Elias, President of the World Freestyle Football Association. “The Super Ball is one of the backbone tournaments of our global circuit, a unique opportunity for the community to celebrate the sport; it’s fantastic to do so again after the sad times of Covid-19. I have no doubt that this year’s edition will be an absolute blast!”.

“Super Ball 2020 was a special edition for me, because besides the competition we enjoyed great support from the community in a difficult moment”, said Agnieszka Mnich, the current female Super Ball champion. “This year I’m training hard to push my level with fresh new moves: I can’t wait to be on the stage again!”.

“It was amazing to win last year: it gave me a huge boost to keep pushing”, said Jesse Marlet, the defending male Super Ball champion. “I’ve been preparing myself as hard as possible to try to retain the title in 2021!”.

The 2021 Super Ball will be organised by the WFFA in partnership with local company PJ Art Production, an alliance that has guaranteed high-quality standards and success for the last 8 years in a row. Following the tradition of recent years, the 2021 event will be hosted by renowned Italian speaker Lorenzo Pinciroli, an unmistakable face for the Freestyle Football community.

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