Armenia, Bangladesh, Cuba and El Salvador join the Global Network

The World Freestyle Football Association has announced today the inclusion of four new members to its most precious structure, the Global Network: Armenia, in Europe, Bangladesh, in Asia-Pacific, and Cuba and El Salvador, in Central America-Caribbean, have officially joined the list of communities that help the WFFA shape and evolve the sport of Freestyle Football around the world.

Four renowned freestylers and respected figures in their local communities (Hayk Aghaqaryan in Armenia, Salim Sadman Sii in Bangladesh, Hugo Manuel Corcho in Cuba and Kenneth Zelaya in El Salvador) will become the new Country Leaders of these three nations, the latest to join an organisation that now spans across 117 countries in all inhabited continents.

Pekko ‘PeGe’ Piirto, Head of the Global Network, said: “It’s with great pleasure that we welcome another four nations to our Network. The four selected Country Leaders are true freestylers at heart, with a strong love for our sport and a great desire to help it grow and develop. We are really looking forward to working together with all of them!”.

Steve Elias, President of the WFFA, added: “I am really happy and proud to see how the Global Network, the most important tool we have at the Association to help our sport develop, keeps growing unstoppably. We can now cater to communities and individuals across over 100 countries, and we want to keep expanding our reach to offer the best possible support to every single freestyler on the planet”.

The task to build and consolidate the Global Network doesn’t end here: new additions are currently in the making, with individuals in several countries having presented their credentials to join the organisation. The Freestyle Football community can expect more exciting updates very soon!

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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