Moe-K and Jay Hennicke become the Asia-Pacific champions at Pulse Hiroshima 2023

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WFFA Pulse Hiroshima 2023, the first-ever Freestyle Football Pulse Event to take place in the Asia-Pacific region, happened on September 16th at the impressive NTT Cred Hall in the city centre of Hiroshima, Japan. The tournament featured an intense 1×1 battle format, where the best freestylers competed to determine the champions of the male and female categories. The local crowd roared with excitement as athletes from a variety of countries across Asia and Oceania showcased their unique styles and cultures, both on and off the ball.

In the end, local hero Moe-K, in the female bracket, and Australian star Jay Hennicke, in the male tournament, emerged victorious and secured their spots in this year’s highly anticipated World Freestyle Football Championship Finals in Nairobi, Kenya.

The excitement did not end there, as six more freestylers (three men and three women) earned their places in the upcoming World Finals:

The adventure of the Pulse Series is now heading to its last stop: the Online Pulse, a global, fully digital competition for all those freestylers who couldn’t join any physical event. The last two spots in the World Finals, one for men and one for women, are up for grabs!

Experience again all the thrills of Pulse Hiroshima 2023 thanks to the official live stream of its Finals:

For more information about the activities of the WFFA, follow its official channels to get the latest updates!

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