Caitlyn Schrepfer and Patrick Shaw take the victory in Pulse New York City 2023

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WFFA Pulse New York City 2023, the first-ever Freestyle Football Pulse Event to take place in North America, happened on August 26th at the extraordinary American Dream entertainment centre in East Rutherford, NJ – just minutes away from the Big Apple. The tournament featured an intense 1×1 battle format, where the region’s best freestylers competed to determine the champions of the male and female categories. The local crowd roared with excitement as athletes from eight different countries across the Americas showcased their unique styles and cultures, both on and off the ball.

In the end, two local heroes emerged victorious and secured their spots in this year’s highly anticipated World Freestyle Football Championship Finals in Nairobi, Kenya: Patrick Shaw and Caitlyn Schrepfer, both of US American nationality, took the victories in the male and female brackets respectively.

The excitement did not end there, as two more freestylers (a man and a woman) earned their places in the upcoming World Finals:

The adventure of the Pulse Series doesn’t stop here, though, and the competition will travel now to South America to crown the regional champions and find four more World Finalists – a total of three ladies and three gentlemen.

Experience again all the thrills of Pulse New York City 2023 thanks to the official live stream of its Finals:

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