The WFFA announces the bracket of the 2021 Youth Championship knockout stage

The first edition of the World Youth Freestyle Football Championship has advanced onto the online battle stage! The team of judges, led by superstars Melody Donchet and Charly Iacono, have selected the best 32 freestylers (16 boys and 16 girls) out of hundreds and hundreds of entries in the Qualification Stage. The tournament enters now its knockout phase, consisting of individual battles of 3 rounds, each of which allowing 25-to-35-second-long videos.

From September 30th to October 11th, the participants will need to show their best skills if they want to progress to the Quarterfinals of the tournament. The female and male brackets are available in this article; participants will also find a video tutorial and a short guide on how to upload their videos to the official WFFA App at the end of the post.

Please find all the relevant information below:

Knockout stage

Instructional video


Video upload guide

To check the App usage guide that we’ve prepared for all Youth Championship participants, please click here!

More details about the tournament are available on the World Youth Freestyle Football Championship event page.

Stay tuned to the official channels of the WFFA to follow the latest updates!

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