Super Ball World Open Terms and Conditions

The following Terms of Engagement between the World Freestyle Football Association (“WFFA”) and every participant freestyler (“Athlete”) at the Super Ball World Open (“Event”) will regulate the relationship between both parties during and after the aforementioned event. By accepting the Terms, the Athlete commits to fulfilling all clauses stated within them. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of the Athlete from the Event.


1.1. The WFFA agree to promote the Athlete to the best of their ability across all mediums of TV, Internet and print

1.2. The Athlete agrees to:

1.2.1. Participate in the Event to the best of their ability and in all the stages it may consist of

1.2.2. Be punctual and presentable to all official occasions in the build-up to and during the Event

1.2.3. Maintain a professional manner with all aspects of the Event, including any social media posts

1.2.4. Exclude any coverage by the WFFA or its affiliates/agencies/sponsors for any medical costs incurred or private health insurance obtained in relation to the Event or otherwise (responsibility for which remains with the Athlete)

1.2.5. Notify the WFFA immediately of any illness, injury or visa issues that may stop them from fulfilling this agreement

1.2.6. Adhere to the statutes, regulations including code of ethics, and other decisions made by the WFFA during the Event, including judging

1.2.7. Comply and abide by the Event rules and conditions of entry, set by the WFFA and notified to the Athlete accordingly

1.2.8. Comply with all relevant anti-doping regulations of sport. Doping is the use of substances on the list of prohibited substances and the use of banned methods with Sport Accord

1.2.9. Forward any dispute to the WFFA Athlete Manager, who will make a written report of the dispute and present it to the WFFA Executive Committee, which will make the final decision


2.1. Communications and imagery will be used on the WFFA and affiliate/agency websites and social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

2.2. The Athlete can use any of the literature and content created at each event and distributed to them by the WFFA and its affiliates/agencies in any way they wish; this use must not, however, infringe any of the commercial interests of the WFFA or the mentioned affiliates/agencies under any circumstance.


3.1. The Athlete confirms ownership and full rights to their own image and any products associated to it. The Athlete agrees that everything filmed and photographed during the term of or in relation to the Event will be property of the WFFA, and hence the Association will have full authority for its use, including distribution, licensing and sublicensing. 

3.2. Upon request, the WFFA shall make copies of the footage for the Athlete to use for their own promotional benefit. The footage will be used by the WFFA and its affiliates/agencies and the Athlete acknowledges and approves it may be distributed to all forms of media worldwide.

3.3. The Athlete recognises that the WFFA are the world governing body for freestyle football and agrees not to endorse any other organisation claiming to govern or manage the sport in any way (nor in accordance with the Code of Conduct below make any comments or statements, whether in relation to WFFA and its affiliates/agencies or the Event or otherwise, which would be detrimental to the commercial best interests of the WFFA).


4.1. The Athlete agrees to represent the best interests of themselves, the sport of freestyle football worldwide and also that of the WFFA and its affiliates/agencies. 

4.2. The Athlete agrees to speak only positives about the sport, the WFFA and its affiliates/agencies in any media interview or appearance before, during or after the Event.

4.3. The Athlete commits to respect the other competitors, the organising teams and the audiences at the Event at all times. This includes not disrespecting competitors or crowd on stage during performances, respecting the needs and cultural differences of other competitors, and treating other competitors, as well as all teams involved with the organisation of the Event, with the utmost sportsmanship and politeness.


5.1. The Athlete confirms that he or she is medically, physically fit and healthy enough to participate in the Event. All risks associated with their participation in the Event rest with the Athlete. 

5.2. The Athlete waives any claim, right or action against the organisers WFFA and its affiliates/agencies or host venue, for which any of the participants may have, due to any kind of physical or mental injury, loss of life and/or damage to or loss of personal property (except personal injury or loss of life caused by gross negligence of WFFA), which may occur as a result of the Athlete’s participation or involvement in the Event. This waiver operates on behalf of the Athlete and my successors. 

5.3. The Athlete also fully agrees to abide by the Event rules and conditions of entry, set by WFFA.


6.1. The Athlete recognises that certain restrictions may be imposed on their individual sponsorship activities in relation to the Event. In case the Athlete wanted to accommodate any requirements of their individual sponsors, they must inform the WFFA Athlete Manager, who will make a written report and present it to the WFFA Executive Committee. The WFFA will then study the request, and will only authorise the required activities in case no clashes exist with the affiliates/agencies of the WFFA. 

6.2. Without prejudice, failure to align or comply with any part of this agreement by the Athlete may result in him/her being removed from the Event if matters are deemed serious enough by the WFFA Executive Committe.

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