The Youth Championship advances to the qualification stage and adds new prizes

Big news for all Freestyle Football fans: the brand-new World Youth Freestyle Football Championship is advancing to the next stage! After the signups phase, all registered participants will now be able to upload their videos and showcase their talent. The judges will then select only the very best male and female freestylers to advance to the round of Online Battles!

The qualification stage will start on September 15th and end on September 21st. In order for their clip to be eligible, participants will need to stick to the requirements detailed in the official WFFA App. For more information on how to register and upload clips to the App, check the video and the guide available below!

The WFFA has also announced further news: the Youth Championship will now feature three additional prizes, aimed at participants that show exceptional skills and attitudes towards the sport.

The new categories include the following:

  • Best Trick, awarded to the two freestylers (girl and boy) that execute the most amazing trick of the tournament
  • Most Improved Freestyler, awarded to the two participants (girl and boy) that show a bigger progression during the tournament
  • Best Freestyle Attitude, awarded to the two athletes (girl and boy) that showcase the most respect for the values of the sport

The winners of these three categories will win a prize consisting on a SWRL x WFFA Match Ball Pro, a pair of SWRL Evolve Pure FS Shoes, and the official certificate – all presented by the tournament sponsor SWRL.

Instructional video


Video upload guide

To check the App usage guide that we’ve prepared for all Youth Championship participants, please click here!

More details about the tournament are available on the World Youth Freestyle Football Championship event page.

Stay tuned to the official channels of the WFFA to follow the latest updates!

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