The Finals of the African Freestyle Football Championship move location to increase in size: enter WFFA Pulse Algiers

The World Freestyle Football Association, together with prestigious Nigerian agency and event co-organisers Feet’n’Tricks, announced today that the live Finals of the official African Freestyle Football Championship would have a new, exciting location: instead of Lagos, Nigeria, the live event will take place in the city of Algiers, Algeria. This exciting event will also happen at a later date in the year, moving from July 13 to October 18.

The revamped WFFA Pulse Algiers 2024 will grow and offer more slots for female athletes, doubling the slots in the Finals from 4 to 8. The current 16 slots for male freestylers will be maintained, and just as announced at the beginning of the season, all 24 finalists will be flown from their respective countries to Algeria with all transport and accommodation costs covered. The online qualifier will happen just as planned and kick off on May 20th.

On top of the extended Finals, the first-place winners in both the men’s and women’s categories will receive a cash prize of $5,000 USD each, as well as an all-expenses-paid ticket for the World Freestyle Football Championship later in the year. There will also be special awards for the 2nd and 3rd places.

For more information about WFFA Pulse Algiers 2024, please visit the corresponding Event Page and follow the official channels of the Association.

About Feet’N’Tricks

Established in 2017,
Feet ‘N’ Tricks has evolved from its humble origins to become a prominent figure in the promotion of Freestyle Football throughout Africa. Its mission is centred on elevating the standards of this dynamic sport across the continent.

Driven by passion, Feet ‘N’ Tricks not only showcases the excitement of Freestyle Football but also strives to inspire, develop, and provide a platform for emerging talents. As a trailblazer in Freestyle Football, the organisation has successfully organised four Nigerian championships, four African championships, and was instrumental in hosting the inaugural World Championship in Africa. This underscores its pivotal role in offering talented Africans a global stage to exhibit their skills and enhance their marketability on an international scale.

Feet ‘N’ Tricks’ recent events have drawn participants from over 30 countries, underscoring the widespread appeal and influence of the initiative. These events are integral to its commitment to advancing the sport, nurturing talent, and fostering a vibrant global community of freestylers. They not only showcase exceptional skills but also celebrate the rich cultural diversity found within the African continent.

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