The WFFA renews the bond with its 15 Key Leaders around the world

The World Freestyle Football Association has announced today the renewal of its 15 Key Leaders, the backbone of the Global Network across the five continents. The respected individuals that conform to this list, a mix of current and former athletes of all ages and origins, will act yet another year as the connection between the Global Team and Board of the WFFA and the local communities in the 117 countries where the Association has a representative.

The list of Key Leaders, available on the specific page of our official website, features:



Pekko ‘PeGe’ Piirto, the Head of the Global Network, said: “It’s a massive honour for us to have these fifteen extraordinary individuals liaising with the different Freestyle Football communities across the world. Their role is instrumental in the success of an organisation of such cultural diversity as the WFFA, and therefore we are extremely thankful for their commitment and hard work. We’re really looking forward to yet another successful season this 2024!”.

To learn more about the structure and history of the WFFA, please visit the corresponding page on our website.

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