Isabel Wilkins and Jonathan van Rijsbergen win the 2022 WFFA Youth Championship

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The future of Freestyle Football keeps shining brighter than ever: the second edition of the WFFA Youth Championship gave proof again of the extraordinary skill of the next generation of freestylers, both males and females, coming from all around the world.

In 2022, the competition reached its climax between December 20th and 21st with the airing of the live World Finals. After an action-packed tournament, full of incredible tricks and outstanding moves executed by over a hundred participants from the five continents, a panel of elite judges consisting of Charly Iacono, Paloma P. Mayo and Kitti Szász selected the very best male and female young stars on the planet.

And the 2022 under-16 World Champions are…

Isabel Wilkins, from the United Kingdom, and Jonathan van Rijsbergen, from the Netherlands!

In the female category, Japanese Miu Ozaki (who ended up in third place in 2021) took the second spot, while her fellow countrywoman Mao Yamashita ended up third. In the male category, Polish Piotrek Grychtol won the silver medal and Japanese Shunpei Ono finished up in the third position.

Apart from the 1v1 battle competition, the WFFA Youth Championship also offered three Special Awards to its participants: Best Trick, Most Improved Freestyler, and Best Freestyle Spirit. The winners of these awards were the following:

  • Best Trick: Piotrek Grychtol‘s APATW and Miu Ozaki‘s transition from cheerleading pose to sitdown
  • Most Improved Freestyler: Shunpei Ono and Mao Yamashita (Japan)
  • Best Freestyle Attitude: Dao Quang Tung (Vietnam) and Sofie Johannsen (Denmark)

Experience again all the thrills of the World Finals in the live show that aired on our channels: watch the Male and Female events below!


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