Global Rankings

The WFFA Global Rankings are a merit-based method to attribute all active competitive freestylers around the world a position in the global standings according to their results across all official, WFFA-sanctioned Freestyle Football competitions, including Nationals, Continentals, World Opens and Online tournaments.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, whilst the sport of Freestyle Football continued to flourish (given that #AllYouNeedIsABall, freestylers could still train alone at home during this time), the WFFA Global Rankings system needed to be reset. During this time, the Association has been working on a new, improved and fairer method, which will be relaunched in 2022 when the full live and online event calendar resumes.

Until the new WFFA Global Rankings system is launched, below you can find details of the current highest performing athletes based on the results of the events that took place in the 2020-2021 period:

2020 Super Ball World Open
Jesse Marlet (The Netherlands)
Agnieszka Mnich (Poland)
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  2020 Red Bull Street Style
Erlend Fagerli (Norway)
Melody Donchet (France)
  2021 Super Ball World Open
Erlend Fagerli (Norway)
Agnieszka Mnich (Poland)
World Youth Freestyle Football Championship 2021 2021 World Youth Championship
  2021 Red Bull Street Style

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