The WFFA announces a global programme to protect the credibility of Freestyle Football competitions

The World Freestyle Football Association has announced the implementation of a global programme designed to protect the credibility and integrity of Freestyle Football tournaments around the globe. The first step in this plan has been the publication of the full List of Champions in official 1×1 battle competitions since the year 2007, an action aimed at safeguarding the reputation of actual winners and preventing fake championship claims from other participants.

The WFFA has announced that it will not recognise any other champions than those featured in the official list, available on the website of the Association. Any fake claims by other athletes will not be backed by the WFFA: furthermore, these claims will be considered a misappropriation, an idea that goes against the very foundations and values of the sport of Freestyle Football.

In the coming months, the WFFA will keep expanding the official list of champions to include all Regional and National competitions, with the objective of offering a complete and reliable source of truth not just to the Freestyle Football community but also to its current and future partners.

Steve Elias, President of the WFFA, said: “Since the establishment of our Association, we’ve striven to protect our athletes and ensure they get the recognition they deserve for their dedication. We are convinced that the publication of the list of Champions is a key step to prevent a tortious use of our tournaments, and we are ready to enact any necessary measures to reinforce the credibility of Freestyle Football as a competitive sport around the world”.

Lucaso Škoda, Head of Operations at the WFFA, said: “The list of Champions is an ambitious project, aimed not only at protecting the winners of official competitions but also at compiling a comprehensive guide to all tournaments in the history of Freestyle Football. In the coming months, we will work together with the global community to polish and expand this directory, a vital tool to prevent misappropriations and pay tribute to the rightful champions.”

Pekko ‘PeGe’ Piirto, Head of the Global Network at the WFFA, said: “We are tremendously proud to offer the list of Champions as an educational resource for our community and a recognition to our hard-earned champions. It’s doubtlessly an essential milestone in the development of the sport of Freestyle Football.”

Stay tuned to the official channels of the WFFA to follow the latest updates!

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