The WFFA updates the timelines and structure of the Red Bull Street Style female competition

In order to adapt the competition to the remarkable amount of female freestylers who signed up for it, the World Freestyle Football Association has announced today an update that will affect the timelines and structure of the Red Bull Street Style 2022 women’s tournament.

To participate in the competition, female athletes will need to enter the WFFA App, register, look up the Women’s Tournament in the Search Bar and select it, and lastly, type the number 145350 in the Invite Code section. Once this is done, they will be able to upload their 60-second video for the first selection round. The best clips will be picked by a team of judges and their authors will earn themselves a spot in the next round of the tournament, the Battle Pools of the Regional Qualifiers.

With the objective of giving female freestylers more time to prepare their clips for the aforementioned first selection round, the timeline to upload videos to the WFFA App has been extended to July 8th. Here’s an updated chart with the full timeline:

Once all videos have been selected, the athletes that have made it to the Regional Qualifiers will be able to compete in the next stage through the App. This new stage will consist of a series of Battle Pools, in which the participants will face other female freestylers from their region.

The Battle Pools will decide which 7 female freestylers from Europe (plus the current defending champion, Lia Lewis from the UK), 4 from Asia-Pacific, 4 from North America, 4 from South America and 4 from Africa make it to the Regional Finals, a very special tournament that will happen on the WFFA channels in the shape of a live stream. Athletes will compete live against their peers from their region in a show that will air on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Before the event, the finalists will receive a full package from the WFFA and Red Bull so they can prepare correspondingly.

In the last and most exciting stage of the tournament, the World Final, the very best female freestylers in the world (1 from Asia-Pacific, 1 from North America, 2 from South America, 1 from Africa and 3 from Europe) will battle it out for the title of World Champion. Will Lia Lewis retain the title? Or will the women’s tournament have a new champion?

The Official Rules of Red Bull Street Style are available on the Rules and Regulations page of the WFFA official website, together with all details about the format. Visit the official Event Page and the Event Announcement as well for more details!

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