Pulse Mombasa cambia de formato para llegar a todos los rincones de África

La World Freestyle Football Association y los coorganizadores del evento, Homeboyz, han anunciado hoy un cambio en el formato de Pulse Mombasa, la clasificatoria oficial de África para las Finales del Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol Freestyle. La competición, que inicialmente iba a tener lugar en la ciudad de Mombasa, en Kenya, entre los días 15 y 16 de julio, pasará ahora a disputarse online to accommodate more freestylers across the continent.

The decision to change the format of Pulse Mombasa has been reached after a thorough consultation process with the African community. The online solution, which will allow freestylers to compete from their cities instead of requiring them to travel, will ease the participation of athletes throughout the whole continent.

The renewed Pulse Mombasa will keep using the current registration platform to ensure the change of format is as smooth as possible for the participants. Once they confirm their participation, the athletes will be contacted individually via Whatsapp and asked to send a 30-second qualification video, which the judges will use to rank them and split them into Circles of four freestylers. 

These Circles will define the order of the battles in the knockout stage, featuring a Top-16 and a Top-8 both in the male category and a Top-8 in the female category. The best 12 freestylers, 8 men and 4 women, will then make it to the live online Finals, which will take place on July 16th – exactly the same weekend the live event was scheduled at.

La versión renovada de calendario of the competition will be as follows

  • Signups process: from May 30th to June 13th
  • Qualification video reception process: From June 14th to June 21st
  • Online competition (including circles and knockout stage): from June 27 to July 12
  • Live Finals: July 15th and 16th

The WFFA will reach out to all registered freestylers to let them know about the new structure. The judges of the competition, as well as the detailed calendar and all the relevant details about the event, will be made available on the corresponding Página del Evento on the official WFFA website, as well as on the social channels of the Association.

Lukáš Škoda, Head of Operations at the WFFA, said: “During the build-up to Pulse Mombasa, we have been listening to the African community and realised that an adjustment in the format could help lots of athletes participate, particularly those from countries far away from Kenya. We are positive that this change will mean not just an increased participation, but also a higher competitive level plus the opportunity for many African athletes to showcase their amazing skills… and earn their well-deserved spot in the World Final!”.

Myke Rabar, CEO of Homeboyz, spoke about the significance of this change, saying, “Homeboyz is excited to collaborate with WFFA in reimagining Pulse Mombasa as an online event. By leveraging the digital landscape, we can engage a wider audience and provide an avenue for Freestyle Football enthusiasts from all over Africa to participate and be recognized for their skills. This format change aligns with our commitment to fostering talent and promoting the growth of freestyle football across the continent.”

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